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April 26, 2011
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Morby Fan Fiction~
It was early morning at the park. 6:50 am to be exact. Everyone was asleep. All of a sudden a furry popped out from a pile of clothes on a trampoline. To inform you, the furry's name was Rigby the Raccoon. Rigby got out of his bed and walked passed a bed with a puffed out imprint of his friend, Mordecai. As Rigby walked out of the silence of the bedroom, he made his way down the flight of stairs. He exited the stairs and into the kitchen for his morning cereal. It was now 7:00 am. He was fully awake now and he heard rustling upstairs and recognized it was Mordecai. Mordecai had stumbled into the kitchen, "H….Hi Rigby." He said, eyes closed. Rigby was happy to see his friend. Rigby wanted to surprise Mordecai. "Hug" Rigby said getting up and getting close to Mordecai. Mordecai jolted out of sleep and pushed Rigby away, "DUDE!! YOU ALMOST HUGGED ME!!" Mordecai shouted. "I always wanted that hug…" Rigby thought. Mordecai bided his fist and threw it toward Rigby. "Awwwwwwwww Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!" Rigby winced in pain, "Why?"  He asked. "Cause you almost hugged me!" Mordecai shouted. Then Rigby yelled and lunged his body toward Mordecai. Soon, they were both on the ground fighting. Pops walked down the final step and opened his mouth wide, "Ooooooo! Mordecai and Rigby are playing a game!! Jolly Good Show!!" Mordecai and Rigby both stopped. Mordecai and Rigby both noticed where they were, on the couch toppled against one another, not to mention that they were holding each other's arms back. A pink radiance went through both of their beautiful faces. They both got up off of each other and apologized still having the pink blush in their faces. The raccoon began to laugh. Mordecai looked up to see Rigby blushing even pinker. "What are you laughing for?!" Mordecai said. All of a sudden Rigby stopped. "What???" Mordecai demanded. "I…I…I L…." "What Rigby?!" Mordecai cut in. "Nothing." Rigby said his face was turning a bright cherry red. Mordecai turned red as well. "Could this be it? Will he confess before me?" Mordecai thought as he stared at Rigby. There was a silence for a moment. Pops had disappeared to somewhere in the making of this. Mordecai got up. "Let's go out and 'start' work." He said. The two left the house shortly after Mordecai's announcement. The jobs on Mordecai and Rigby's list wasn't long, to accommodate to Mordecai and Rigby's 'breaks'. The first job wasn't long nor hard, raking leaves. "Ughh, this sucks dude." Mordecai confessed. "I know right?" Rigby said in agreement. "Hey, let's take a break dude!" Mordecai suggested. "Okay." Rigby replied. They both dropped their rakes and started toward the golf cart that they took to get to the spot they were in now. Something caught Rigby's eye, "Hey wait Mordecai!" "What?" Mordecai asked softly. "There's some cash up in that tree up there!" Rigby said, eyes getting bigger. "Hey, your right dude!" Mordecai said. "Let's go and get it!!" Rigby said running toward the tree and eye-balling the money. "Dude, hold on, lets go and get a ladder." Mordecai said, starting for the golf cart and starting it up, Rigby not too far behind. They made their way back very quickly, to ensure nobody smarter than them got it. "Okay, its still there!" Rigby shouted, looking up at the tree. "Great, now we'll get it!" Mordecai said. "Mordecai, I'll go and get it, in turn for this morning." Rigby said willingly. Mordecai handed Rigby the ladder that their hands met in a hand hug. Mordecai didn't want to let Rigby go but he didn't want to go up there in the tree. Mordecai's weakness got to him that time. "O…Okay then." Mordecai said feeling warm and fuzzy inside. As Rigby ascended the ladder, a gust of wind blew. The ladder shook violently. Rigby stopped the ladder enough to still climb. "You okay… bro?" Mordecai shouted. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew and tore threw the line of trees. Rigby then flew off the ladder and he screamed. The ladder fell with him in the air. Mordecai was running and was trying to catch Rigby. Something caught his eye and took his glance from Rigby. Rigby continued his screaming and finally caught Mordecai's attention, but it was too late. WHAMMM!!!! The two fell to the ground and blacked out. Rigby slowly opened his eyes. Rigby sat up and found himself laying on a concrete floor surrounded by glass windows."Umm… hello?" Rigby asked nervously, as if were talking to a real person. Suddenly; all the glass shattered and something flew toward him and hit him in the gut. "Ow!" Rigby winced in pain and was scared to see what the thing flung at him was. "M…Mordecai! Y...Y...Your a doll!" the raccoon jumped in fear to see his friends stuffed with stitches. "Is that him?" A voice said. "Who?" Rigby shouted. "Maurice? No, Marley..." "MORDECAI!! Rigby shouted; cutting the voice off. "Oh that's right!" the voice said. "You're his quote-on-quote, best friend, am I right?" the voice asked. " What's your problem man? Keeping me in this glass case; where's Mordecai?!" Rigby's voice was demanding as he was trembling in his own furry skin. "You have big talk for the way your shaking like that." The voice said as it got louder as it seemed to get closer. "What do you want from me?" Rigby demanded even more scared then before. "I haven't broken you yet?" the voice asked "Broken me from what?" Rigby asked. There was no reply back. Now Rigby was worried. "Where could Mordecai be?" he question himself repeatedly. "M…M…Mordecai? You there? Anywhere?" Rigby picked up the Mordy doll and was even more nervous. The voice returned and was louder than ever. "WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!" the voice boomed. "I dunno you tell me!! I can't find a way out!" Rigby yelled out. "Maybe you are dead." The voice said. Rigby suddenly became weak and fell to the floor and started to breathe deeply and everything began to get cloudy for him. Outside the wind hadn't settled but it was just a simple breeze; not a chilling one but just a simple, gentle cool breeze. There was a ladder that was fallen, golf cart who's engine off and keys in the ignition and where swaying to the majestic dance of the wind slowly, the leaves rustling in the wind and were scattered across the sky like a child's painting, and there was something odd in the air, something changed, something sparked. There was a toppled couple lying atop of one another in the grass in a loving matter. Rigby felt something that made him come to. Rigby closed his eyes slowly and felt something trying to enter his mouth. A penetrator, wanting warmth in a loving way. Rigby allowed the intruder in with loving gratitude Rigby thought his time was now, He must be dead and he is living the moment that he's been waiting for so long, he felt peaceful. Rigby suddenly found out he wasn't dead and jolted as he felt his lover touch the soft part of his mouth in a nurturing way. Rigby, still weak from fatigue slowly made his way up. As Mordecai's tongue left Rigby, he figured that he and Mordecai must have been connected for some time seeing a trail of saliva that stretched with leaving Mordecai's mouth following his. Rigby felt violated and was a violator. Mordecai hadn't move from but Rigby could taste a slight mint taste from Mordecai's mouth. Rigby would have felt and acted crazily from an accident on how extravagant this scene was already very hectic, but this was different. Rigby slowly caressed Mordecai's lips. "I…I love you so much M…Mordecai." Rigby said with swagger like he was trying to impress a famous person. Mordecai was just enough for Rigby. He noticed that Mordecai was beginning to breathe lighter and at least breathe. Instead of seeing the dire consequences stacked upon him; Rigby began to try to revive Mordecai. "I would like to get more of your wonderful kisses and that mint taste too…" Rigby thought. Mordecai began to breathe normal again and Rigby spread himself in the grass a few inches from Mordecai and having daydreams of a wonderful future soon to come; or as he hoped. Mordecai started to sit up and coughing while doing so. Rigby had fallen asleep daydreaming. Mordecai thought Rigby needed to be revived. Mordecai couldn't keep up with the recent events and slumped over by Rigby, putting his arm over him for protection. Mordecai then blacked out. Rigby woke up soon after Mordecai's move and Rigby saw Mordecai was holding him. "Maybe he was awake when he and I kissed." Rigby thought. Rigby turned bright red and lightly touched Mordecai's face and held Mordecai's arm tightly. "I can't believe that you're actually holding me." Rigby whispered softly in the heat of the moment. Rigby went in for another kiss. Mordecai slowly opened his eyes and Rigby's mouth closing in on his was first in sight. "Ugh!!" Mordecai shouted quickly withdrawing his arms to push the pink faced raccoon away from him. Rigby was confused. "Why… you… you don't… You don't love me?" Rigby said heart broken. "Wait Rigby..." Mordecai stopped there. He already said too much. "Wait? Wait for what?" Rigby felt his eyes well up in tears. Mordecai looked down slowly and stayed silent. Rigby turned away and stood up. "Rig…Rigby?" Mordecai asked softly. "Just… Just don't talk to me!" Rigby walked away. "Rigby!!" Mordecai shouted. Rigby didn't turn around nor respond. Mordecai hurried to the cart and Rigby was out of view. "RIGBY!!" Mordecai shouted. As Mordecai drove past, he could see the tear stains on the ground. Mordecai was worried. He saw that all the jobs were finished that they needed to do. Mordecai looked for 3 hours straight. He just couldn't do any more. He drove back to the house and collapsed onto his bed. He couldn't fall asleep known his friend was unhappy with him. Rigby on the other hand couldn't sleep either, being so mad made him feel sick. The next morning came very slowly Rigby was already up and working. Mordecai couldn't bare his friend being upset with him so he decided to get a new video game that Rigby really wanted. Rigby came in and saw the game sitting close to the video console but something else caught his eye. Pops was trying to fix his cart. Rigby walked out the door and went to go help Pops. The evening dragged on. Saturday was in the morning and Mordecai was dreading it. Rigby was asleep early from what Mordecai thought. Rigby was silently weeping and was focusing on going to sleep. Saturday came fast and Mordecai was waiting for Rigby to get out of the shower. At least a half an hour later, the water stopped. Rigby slowly walked out with his towel around him, drying him self, and in a good mood. "Rigby…" Mordecai said. Rigby looked away. His enlightening shower mood gone. Mordecai Kneeled down and kissed Rigby on the lips. Rigby couldn't believe what was happening! Rigby took his lips away from Mordecai's. 'W…Why?" Rigby said, astonished. Mordecai said nothing and dove in again. Mordecai and Rigby's lips touch once more. Mordecai could no longer help himself, he slipped his tongue into Rigby's mouth and closed his eyes. Rigby felt Mordecai's tongue begin to enter his mouth and Rigby's tongue went if for the kill. The two separated for a breath of fresh air. Mordecai blushed red and looked to the down toward the floor. Rigby could hold into his excitement, Rigby tackled Mordecai, causing him to fall down from where he was sitting up. Rigby wrapped his arms around Mordecai's neck and dug his head into the side of Mordecai's face. Rigby blushed and Mordecai got up and Rigby kissed him very quickly. Mordecai scooped Rigby up to where he was being cradled and carried him to the top of the stairs. They both said "I love you" to each other at the same time. Mordecai and Rigby then descended down the fight of stairs.
Here is the first page to my MXR Story! Special thanks for :icon72kittykat: and :iconhwb19920214: HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!
Story (C) :iconaznaruto08:

Characters, Regular show(C) JG Quintel~
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